Bruce Vartanian is from Worcester Massachusetts where tech advancement is on the forefront of the everyone's mind. But Bruce has different ideas. he still feels real-estate can be the most profitable source of income if you approach development efficiently and like a business. He should know, after all he is been doing on-site as well as off-site work for the last more than 20 years putting in roads, bringing in drinking water mains - he's an authorized title 5 septic specialist.

But when he's not considering his next big advancement project, he enjoys pushing his body and maintaining the health through rigorous physical exercise. Bruce was a Judo Champ in the Junior Olympics in the teens and still recalls they mentality back then. Nothing much better than being a part of a group of individuals who all have the same goal.

Still, when talking about business the next project is the best project. Those who know Bruce liken him to visionary due to the way he approaches brand new challenges. There is never an issue, only solutions. He has created a nice career out of discovering solutions for problems other people would rather now deal with. Bruce Vartanian's motto: somebody has to get the job done, might as well be me.

If he has free time, Bruce loves to travel. Of course , these are just samples of interests. And while his mind tends to veer towards grand ideas or the latest project when he's by himself, Bruce enjoys the company othets. Life is a special event and Bruce Vartanian has had a lot to celebrate.


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